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As a company that specializes in window tinting and other ways to enhance your property and vehicles, we do not like seeing window tint needing removal. However, several factors may go into you wanting to have your window tint removed. One factor could be that someone who was not as experienced as our staff did a haphazard job of installing your window tint. A poorly installed window tint is not as effective or long lasting as one that was correctly installed. As a result, you may need to remove your old window tint and have new window tint installed. Another factor into why people may want to have their car tints removed, particularly for people in North Carolina, is because of the window tint laws, which we can discuss when you call because they vary greatly.

Car Safety Inspections

North Carolina car owners know that North Carolina State law mandates that all cars with a North Carolina State registration have to undergo a yearly inspection at a licensed inspection shop every year. This inspection must also happen whenever ownership of the cars is given over to another person or company. The laws in North Carolina note that inspection stations much check your window tint each year with your vehicle. In North Carolina, it is the law that all windows on the car block no more than 35 percent of the light coming into your car. Because we at Window Tinting Raleigh love the sleek look and protection car window tinting provide you, we do not agree with this law.

Cost-Efficient Tint Removal

However, what we disagree with more are the inflated prices that many car inspection service stations are charging customers to remove the window tint during the process of your vehicle is inspected. We at Window Tinting Raleigh want to help you avoid the hassle of paying more when you can get the best service for less. We can provide you with window tint removal services before your car inspection to save you money and the headache.

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We at Window Tinting Raleigh pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best services at competitive prices. Be sure to contact us before your annual car inspection to avoid being hit with high prices at your inspection site. While we love providing our customers with the best car window tints that the industry has to offer, we also enjoy making sure that the window tint removal process exceeds your expectations at a more than reasonable price and if needed we can replace it with legal percentage tint. You will be impressed by the level of professionalism and care our staff presents, and we look forward to working with you soon.

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