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Car wrapping is a process that is popular among companies for advertising purposes, or for people who want to (temporarily) change the look of their cars. The car wrap is usually a decal or a graphic made of vinyl that is large enough to cover the whole car or parts of it. Our well-trained staff will carefully apply the car wrap directly over the paint of your vehicle. Just as quickly as our staff member placed the car wrap onto your car, they can remove the car wrap so that your car can go back to looking like its original self if that is what you need. Car wrapping became popular when many companies realized that this process could allow for vehicles to act as moving billboards for their product. While this is true, some people use car wrapping simply because they are bored with how their stock car looks at the moment.

Why Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is a process that most closely resembles a paint job without the high cost. Many people who have small businesses love to use car wrapping for advertising their product. We here at Window Tinting Raleigh have a wide array of colors and finishes to meet all your car wrapping needs. There are many styles to mix and match, and we are confident that we will be able to help you fulfill the vision you have for your vehicle’s appearance.

Quality Car Wrapping Service

The staff at Window Tinting Raleigh are trained and more than happy to install your new car wrap. We use the highest quality materials that the industry has to offer, and our staff members who are experts on car wrapping and are always sure to use the latest technologies and most advanced materials, so that your car wrap and images are long lasting and vibrant. If you are interested in having a particular design on your car wrap, our staff is more than happy to make sure that your ideas come to life. We also provide our customers with some already prepared designs that they can choose. If you want to add some flair to your vehicle at a lower cost, increase your advertising potential, or want to wrap your car for its protection, we at Window Tinting Raleigh would love to wrap your vehicle professionally.

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